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TNB Naturals


TNB Naturals is a Canadian horticulture company that specializes in the development of all-natural garden products. They are currently available in more than 30 countries around the world.

For the past decade, I’ve been working with TNB on a variety of projects, ranging from product labels to cartoon animation, magazine advertisements to social media posts, and everything in between.

With a focus on their flagship CO2 canister, I have designed the packaging for many new products, including plant supplements and tools.

Working with a company that continues to expand has been a great way to expand my design skills in a highly competitive market.

“Kill The Box continues to deliver cutting-edge designs that allow us to really stand out in our industry! It’s been an absolute pleasure to work together over the course of the last decade.”

—Josh Brazier, President, TNB Naturals

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    Product Packaging, Advertisement

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    Vernon, BC, Canada

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    2013 - Current