Kill The Box is a graphic design studio on the Canadian west coast. We work with start-ups, established companies, and individuals from around the world to create bold and beautiful statements.




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Release Artwork


Original album artwork offers benefits that extend beyond aesthetics. Musicians can ensure their visual identity stands out amidst a crowded market while making a strong connection between the music and the art. A well-crafted album cover not only captures attention but also conveys the essence of the music within, which ultimately drives sales. I’ve worked with artists from many different genres, across all mediums. I started my design journey creating album artwork, and it holds a very special place in my heart.

  • Testimonials

    "Jonathan's ability to listen to a track, understand your mindset and craft something that compliments it while adding a whole new dimension is unparalleled. An absolute pleasure to work with and never fails to level up a release."
    —Leonard Burton, Neverspeak

    "Jonathan is my go-to-guy when it comes to professional artwork. I just let him listen to the music and use his creative mind, because I trust that he always delivers above expectations. Awesome job!"
    —Antonios Achladis, Antonator

    "Jonathan's attention to detail from both my music and my vision is spot on. There's always excitement with the unveiling of each piece of art. Creative, responsive, and translates what's up in my chaotic brain onto the screen beautifully!"
    —Farren Domenici