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NEVERSPEAK is a Tokyo-based electronic music producer who blends electro house, mid-tempo dubstep, and electro elements, using analog synths and effects, to create a dark and absurd atmosphere.

It was important to the client that we portray a certain amount of abstraction in the logo design while keeping it legible. We accomplished this by creating custom letterforms that seamlessly merge with each other energetically—a reference to the client and his music.

We kept the lines and shapes of the letters slightly ambiguous and amorphous so that they can be adapted and played with over time as the client’s musical universe evolves. The overall look is very sharp, reflecting a defiant attitude, and a musical mindset on the fringes.

Creating his release artworks is an absolute breeze because of the branding at the core of everything. A solid logo guides all other designs and becomes the glue that holds it all together.

“Jonathan’s ability to listen to a track, understand your mindset and craft something that compliments it while adding a whole new dimension is unparalleled. An absolute pleasure to work with and never fails to level up a release.”

—Leonard Burton, NEVERSPEAK

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    Tokyo, Japan