Kill The Box is a graphic design studio on the Canadian west coast. We work with start-ups, established companies, and individuals from around the world to create bold and beautiful statements.




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Illustrated Posters


Custom-illustrated posters provide infinite room for creativity and seamless aesthetics. This bespoke approach ensures that your poster stands out in a crowded marketplace, turns heads, and then brings those heads through the doors… And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?


  • Testimonials

    "It's a pleasure to work and develop an artistic vision with Kill The Box for whatever project I'm working on, whether it's for myself or for the Francophone Youth Association of Saskatchewan (l'Association Jeunesse Fransaskoise). Every year Kill The Box delivers fresh ideas for our youth festival, Francofièvre, and our branding is always a hit with our festival attendees."
    —Shawn Jobin, AJF

    "Jon and I have been working together for over 10 years now. His prowess in design, grand imagination, and meticulous attention to detail has resulted in a service that is second to none. His expertise has not only served as one of the fundamental elements that has helped grow my event company, but it has also helped propel my DJ career forward with the refined aesthetic we've built together over the years. Jon understands his clients, and goes above and beyond in delivering the absolute best results for them. S-Class designer."
    —Emilio del Canto, Foundation House Music

    "Jonathan has been a big help with multiple Astrocolor design projects, including album covers and show posters. He’s always creative, professional, and prompt!"
    —Piers Henwood, Astrocolor

    "Kill the Box has been instrumental in the brand development and event marketing for 13th Floor and many other businesses for the past 5 years. The lead designer, Jonathan, has always provided prompt, quality service, and has been a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend Kill the Box to anyone seeking a creative, professional edge in their visual presentation."
    —John Oh, 13th Floor

    "The best!! Have had Kill the box as a central designer for the past 2 years. Always quality work done in a timely manner."
    —Ben Howells, Mt.Eliah

    "Kill The Box nails the vibe we are looking for every time with our event posters. He gets deep into our artists and events and nails the look."
    —Paul Kallay, Gettoblaster