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Ecologik is a line of super-concentrated cleaning products that save bottles from landfills while cutting down on time and money for the consumer. Most cleaning products are filled primarily with water, which results in excessive plastic waste. Ecologik’s bottle refill system eliminates wastage by letting the consumer use the same bottle over and over again, simply by adding a few pumps from the highly-concentrated (x10) refill bottle and topping it up with water. Ecologik is committed to full disclosure when it comes to ingredients, with its products averaging more than 90% natural.

It was important for the product packaging to reflect the company’s focus on results, sustainability, and transparency. Taking that ethos into consideration, we decided to simplify the label design and printing process by sticking to a minimal palette and utilizing negative space to let the bottle breathe. We used clean fonts, crisp icons, and rich colours to make both the content and refill system easy to understand.

The growth that Ecologik has experienced is proof that taking a less-is-more approach can really make a product stand out on store shelves!

When the time came to begin designing our latest consumer brand – I knew exactly who to call. Jonathan and I designed the ecologik brand together, the quality and creativity of the work stood out! Jonathan was as excited about the work as I was, and his robust process-oriented approach to design accelerated our progress. Fantastic design work was done, and we actually had a blast collaborating. Highly recommend Jonathan for doing quality creative work!”

— Rah Behari, Vice President, CBRG


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