Kill The Box is a graphic design studio on the Canadian west coast. We work with start-ups, established companies, and individuals from around the world to create bold and beautiful statements.




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ChillBeat Records

During its time, ChillBeat records quickly grew from an independent label into a top contender, boasting a roster teeming with talent and an unshakable belief in “quality over quantity”.

I was hired to design their logo and release artwork, apparel, and various other design projects.

“I have been working with Jonathan for a while now, but every single project he does just gets better with quality. He has just finalized the logo for my new company in the UK. ITS SO GOOD… Thank you Jonathan for this great work you deliver all the time.”

—Liam Daley, Owner

  • WHO

    ChillBeat Records

  • WHAT

    Logo Design, Release Art, Apparel


    Liverpool, UK