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bar cena


Bar Cena is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and features globally inspired, seasonally rotating dishes.

With a focus on community and an elevated eating/drinking atmosphere, Bar Cena was a great fit for me as a designer, and I took care to create a logo for them that represented their values.

The word “cena” means “dinner” or “supper” in several languages, and fits the menu, which is inspired by the cuisines of France, Spain, and Italy. We decided to represent this with a hand-lettering style font. We wanted to portray a warm, inviting, neighbourhood vibe, while being visually accessible and relatable to people of all cultures — elevated, without being pretentious.

Bar Cena believes in celebrating the simple, yet profound joy of good food and fine drinks, shared with friends and family — values that are reflected in their branding.

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