Kill The Box is a graphic design studio on the Canadian west coast. We work with start-ups, established companies, and individuals from around the world to create bold and beautiful statements.




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3D Release Artwork


Unlike traditional 2D artwork, 3D renders bring a sense of depth, realism, and interactivity to album covers, making them stand out in an increasingly competitive market. With the ability to manipulate lighting, textures, and perspectives, 3D renders offer versatility and adaptability. In today’s digital age, where first impressions matter more than ever, investing in 3D-rendered album art is a strategic move that can leave a lasting impact.


    "Jonathan's ability to listen to a track, understand your mindset and craft something that compliments it while adding a whole new dimension is unparalleled. An absolute pleasure to work with and never fails to level up a release."
    —Leonard Burton, Neverspeak

    "Kill The Box Design is hands down the best there is. I worked closely with Jonathan on a new logo for my company and what he created was exactly what I was looking for! Will definitely being using them again on my next project. Thank you again!"
    —Matt Reid, Owner

    "KTB helped us get the fresh new look we needed for our label. They are always on point and deliver on everything we ask."
    —Andy Neville, Black9

    "Kill The Box designed a single release cover for me during the preparation of my ep 'Jungle Juice'. I love the cover & it was just what I asked for. Clean and eye popping work. Definitely going to use him again for more single covers, graphics, logos, etc."
    —Miillie Mesh

    "Jonathan is my go-to-guy when it comes to professional artwork. I just let him listen to the music and use his creative mind, because I trust that he always delivers above expectations. Awesome job!"
    —Antonios Achladis, Antonator