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I have a logo… Now what?

You’ve just received your newly designed logo in a variety of formats. It perfectly represents your business and everything it stands for… Now what? How do you use it to enhance your brand and get noticed?

Your logo is the single most important visual element your company has; it holds the weight of your brand and is a 24-7 advertisement, designed to bring you more business. In order for it to be imprinted in the minds of would-be customers, it needs two things. Exposure and repetition.

Brand recognition means recognizing a brand.

Here are some practical suggestions for how to do just that:



Everyone who is exposed to your website and social media pages should see your logo. Be sure to make full use of website headers, profile images, and banners. You want your pages to look fully customized and branded, even if you are limited to a default layout.

Website: Utilizing your logo in the header and footer areas of your website will keep it at the forefront of the user experience. Users have come to expect that by clicking your logo, they will be directed back to the home page. Your logo should always be easy to find, and interactive.

Blog: Use a blog post to inform your audience of your new logo. If you’ve rebranded, tell them why, and if you just launched, use the logo to explain your business. Once you’ve published your blog post, share it on your social media sites to funnel traffic back to your website.

Favicon: A Favicon (Favorite Icon) is a small icon that is displayed next to your URL on your browser tab. It can add the finishing touch to a website and also comes in very handy for people who open and switch between multiple browser tabs.

App: If your company has an app, be sure to set your logo as the icon.

Social Media: Social Media is a great tool for generating new contacts, checking what people are saying about your brand, and getting the word out about promotions, exclusive offers, products, announcements, and anything else. With your logo set as your main image, each time you post or interact, it will be front and center for everyone to see. When your contacts log in and start scrolling, you want them to see your logo!



Email: Email marketing can be instrumental in your online efforts. Insert a small (yes, small) logo into your signature to spread your reach a little further.

Gravatar: A Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) in an image that has been assigned to a specific email address. When you comment on blogs or anywhere else, Your icon will be displayed in a unified way, which builds brand recognition.



Business Cards: 
Business cards have always, and will always be in style. In an increasingly digital world, the magic of holding a crisp card in your fingers is more enticing than ever.

“Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it.”

I believe that “less is more” when it comes to business card design; logo and contact info are all that’s needed. Hand them a little slice of printed sweetness, not a novel printed in 3pt text. Use your card to funnel potential customers to your website where they can then be linked to your various social media pages etc. Every new social interaction has networking potential, so it’s best to have a card on hand! (pun intended).

Forms: Level up your letterheads, envelopes, invoices, packing slips, receipts, etc, by adding a simple black-and-white version of your logo. Try to brand every piece of correspondence that leaves your desk.

Swag: With so many custom printing sites these days, you can stamp your logo onto basically anything! Use branded apparel and other items as giveaways, or include them in mail-outs and thank-yous. Wearing your logo at trade shows and events helps enhance your professionalism and extends your brand past the confines of your office. Specialty-themed items relating to your business can be a clever way to tell a deeper story.

Signage: A well-placed sign or banner can work wonders for a business. Be sure that your logo and any additional text are legible from a distance. Decals work great on vehicles!

Office Décor: A subtle flow of branding across your office space gives a sense of cohesion and reminds the customer that you care about your business and all the small parts that make the whole.



Presentations: Be sure to brand the first slide of all Powerpoint presentations. It connects all information and expertise to your business.

Videos: A simple logo animation is a great intro to any informative video or online advertisement.


Build a rock-solid foundation by maintaining a cohesive brand image over time. A great way to ensure consistency is to have everything designed by the same company that created your logo.

Taking the nature of your business into account, see if you can think of more environments in which you interact with potential customers. Where should they see your logo? The sky is the limit!

Remember, often there won’t be a conversation about your business unless you speak first.